Bonsai Zelkova group Nr 221

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Bonsai Zelkova group Nr 221

This Bonsai Zelkova has an unique number. The tree in the photo is the tree we will ship.

Height including pot: approximately 25 cm
Pot size: 48 x 39 x 6.5 cm
Age: approximately 12-18 years
Origin: China

This Bonsai Zelkova is suitable for the living room in a sunny spot and can also be placed outside.
Bonsai Zelkova has good resistance to heat and sun. This Bonsai Zelkova does not tolerate temperatures below 0°C.

A Bonsai should never dry out, it is wise to water and spray the Bonsai every other day. In addition to pouring, it can be dipped 1 to 2 times a week, this prevents drying out along the edges of the pot. Please note that dipping depends on the heat and location. The soil of a Bonsai should always feel slightly moist.

When a Bonsai starts to grow, it can be pruned so that you keep the compact branches. If a bonsai has a sprout, cut it back so that two of the new leaves remain on the branch. Indoor Bonsai can be pruned all year round.

When moved, a Bonsai can react to its new location, it can happen that it drops its leaves. There are species that can go almost completely bald. In this case, you continue to care for the tree normally.

A Bonsai symbolizes harmony, simplicity and balance.

Bonsai trees are very popular, they bring harmony and balance to your life, a zen moment. Rightly so! With their beautiful shapes, they reflect and symbolize different aspects of the natural world, such as balance, simplicity, harmony and age.

What could be better after a busy day to look at or work on such a piece of living art, such as giving a soothing pruning, balancing the branches. A Bonsai has grown for many years before it comes to your garden or living room, how beautiful to let it continue to grow and to cherish.

A Bonsai as a gift is suitable for any occasion, whether it is for a birth, wedding or birthday. With a Bonsai we want to show how much we care about someone and wish them all the best. With a Bonsai you give the message of a good balance, we wish our loved one good health and a happy life. Bonsai comes in many styles and shapes with leaves or needles for indoors and outdoors, so you can make a choice for each person and pass on your personal message.

Bonsai has its origins in the Chinese empire. Approx. 700 BC miniature trees were already grown in China, called "Pun-Tsai" in China. Around the year 1100, Japan adopted many customs from China. This is how the art of cultivating miniature trees came to Japan. In Japan, the art was then further developed under the influence of Zen Buddhism. The name Bonsai is therefore a Japanese word meaning "tree in a pot" and it is even considered a living art form. Nowadays Bonsai is cultivated in many Asian countries, each with its own style and character.

Shipping times may differ due to the large quantity of orders and weather conditions. During the cold months we send our plants with a Heat Pack if needed. We keep a close eye on the weather forecasts.

Due to the large quantity of orders, adding plants to existing orders is not possible.

ATTENTION; We pack and ship our plants very carefully, damage to a leaf or discoloration is not covered by the guarantee.

Nelumbogarden packs and ships its plants very carefully. We use sturdy cardboard boxes and pack with kraft paper. It is possible for soil to fall out of the pot or a leaf to break during transport. We do not guarantee these two points. We ask you to open the box carefully and not with a knife or sharp object. Carefully remove the (kraft) paper. Some plants lower their leaves in the dark, these are restored within a few days. Due to changes in the season, the plants may differ from the plant shown in the photo.

Our company does not work with chemical pesticides. We pack our plants in recycled material and limit the use of plastic to a minimum.