Tree Peony Paeonia Suffruticosa Pink

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Tree Peony Paeonia Suffruticosa Pink

Leaf: Leaf diameter up to 30 cm

Height: Up to 175 cm.

Remarks: Tree Peony Paeonia Suffruticosa Pink is a very beautiful Tree Peony that flowers with large flowers up to 25 cm in diameter. This beautiful shrub is frost resistant and can be placed in a pot or open ground. In very severe frosts, we recommend offering the plant some protection, for example by placing a plant cover over the plant.

The Tree Peony, Paeonia Suffruticosa, comes from northwestern China, Tibet. The Tree Peony is a beautiful solitary. It is a fairly wide upright shrub that reaches a maximum height of 150-175 cm. The twigs are thick. The leaves are single or double triplet and large.

The Tree Peony prefers to be in a place with several hours of sunshine a day. They have a strong preference for nutritious soil that contains sufficient lime, preferably clay or loam soil. Sufficient moisture is necessary during the growing period. In winter, the ground must drain smoothly. If you give the peonies enough nitrogen fertilizer after flowering in July and an organic fertilizer (such as dried cow manure) in early spring, you will get beautiful flowers. Keep in mind that a Tree Peony is a very slow grower.

After flowering, trim the faded flowers just above the new growth. An adult Paeonia Suffruticosa that has grown too large or whose branches are too high can be pruned. Prune the oldest and thickest branches in the late autumn to the desired shape. Use sharp pruning shears for this job.

Tree peony Paeonia Suffruticosa was chosen by Matthijs Hazeleger for Nelumbogarden.

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