Chamaelobivia Hybrid 02 Yellow

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Chamaelobivia Hybrid 02 Yellow Hardy

Height: Up to 40 cm.

Flower color: Yellow, flowers can grow up to 6 cm.

Location: Full sun.

Frost resistant: Up to -7 gr.

Each plant has the same pot size but is unique. Plants can differ from each other in shape.

Comments: This beautiful hardy Chamaelobivia Hybrid 02 Yellow has amazingly large flowers. In older plants, the flowers can grow up to 6 cm. The Chamaelobivia flowers around May, it needs a cold period to bloom. It blooms in bright colors depending on which hybrid in the colors red, pink, yellow, white and orange.

Place the Chamaelobivia "outdoors in your garden directly in the garden or in a pot on the terrace. The Chamaelobivia" requires a place in full sun. The Chamaelobivia likes little water, with too much water the Chamaelobivia can "rot. Make sure that when you put it in the open ground, a layer of gravel is sprinkled in the planting hole, this prevents wet feet.

The plant is very resistant to heat and likes to be in full sun. It needs little water in the summer. You can fertilize your Chamaelobivia "with special cactus fertilizer. In winter, this cactus is frost resistant to -7 degrees. You will not water it.