Nymphaea "Little sue"

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Nymphaea "Little sue"

Flower color: Orange, copper red

Flower diameter: Up to 7 cm

Water depth: 30-50 cm

Leaves: Round dark green, new leaves spotted, diamter of up to 10 cm.

Remarks: "Little sue" is a dwarf water lily that is also very suitable for placing in a tub. Selected by us as one of the most beautiful dwarf species there is.

The delivery os plants and rhizomes starts from april to the end of september.

Maintenance water Lily Plant/Rhizome Nymphaea "Little sue" :

We send water lilies without dirt, packed in water-retaining materials. After the arrival of your plant or rhizome, you should put it in a bowl of water during the first day. This is necessary for strengthening the plant/rhizome.

The next day, you can plant your Nymphaea "Little sue" - You can use a pond basket of at least 19 x 19 cm for this. For small sorts. You fill your pond basket with water lily dirt and lightly press it (never put your water lily in potting soil or sharp sand). Then, you make a hole or groove in which you can place the rhizome of the plant. You nearly put the rhizome horizontally in the groove so that the growing point sticks out above the dirt. You can then cover the rhizome with some dirt. Do not place heavy stones on the rhizome for it may get damaged. You can also cover your pond basket with jute on the inside, this prevents the dirt from flowing away.

Your water lily Nymphaea "Little sue" will need the first weeks for gaining strength. After the first weeks, leaves will get to the surface of the water.

Most water lilies prefer a sunny location. Some sorts also flourish on a semi-shaded location, you can see this in the description of the chosen water lily. If you would like to make your water lily grow faster, you can place it on the desired depths step by step after purchase. This way it gets more sunlight at the start, resulting in a powerful plant.

Dwarf and little like Nymphaea "Little sue" sorts can also be placed in a bowl or pot on the terrace. This way, you can also place water lilies in a small garden or on a balcony.

Once your water lily Nymphaea "Little sue" has started growing, older leaves will die off as well. You can recognize this from the leaves that start colouring from yellow to brown. Leaves that have coloured enough and start falling to pieces can be removed with scissors/water lily pliers. It is definitely not a good idea to pull of the leaves, as this may damage the rhizome. Flowers that have dried out will withdraw themselves underwater. The same rule applies to the dried-out flowers underwater, you can cut off the flowers, but you should not pull them off.

Once your water lily Nymphaea "Little sue"  has become rooted, you can start fertilising it; you can use water lily fertiliser cartridges for this. Only use water lily fertiliser, because this does not damage your further life and your pond. You can press the fertiliser cartridges about 4 to 5 cm into the dirt around the rhizomewith your finger. Make sure the fertiliser is covered beneath a layer of dirt, this prevents it from floating. Fertilising your water lily results in improved bloom and growth. You fertilise your water lily for the first time once the leaves have started growing. You stop fertilising around half of Augustso the water lily has time to harden off for the upcoming winter. The amount of fertiliser that should be used each time depends on the format of the pond basket. You can find the correct amount on the fertiliser’s product description.

During the end of summer, you will see that your water lily has started its resting phase. The liliesstart to grow less quickly and increasingly less leaves and flowers will come up. You will see all leaves die off. No further care is needed during the winter period.

If you have any questions after this description, we would be happy to answer them. You can contact us by phone +31 (0)344-643082 or by using the contact form.


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