Dischidia Nummularifolia "Dragon Jade"

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Dischidia Nummularifolia "Dragon Jade" Also known as Dischidia Nummularifolia "Ideaminubu"

Leaf: Leaf diameter up to 0.6 cm

Height: (climbing plant) 

Remarks: Dischidia Nummularifolia "Dragon Jade" is a very beautiful Dischidia. she has beautiful curled leaves. A feast for the eyes. These Dischidia Nummularifolia "Dragon Jade" plants have been grown for years to achieve this size, plants in this size are almost never offered on the market. Unique opportunity to buy something special.

Dischidia Nummularifolia "Ideaminubu  will be sent as fully rooted plants as shown in the photo. A limited number of plants are available.

We pack your Dischidia Nummularifolia "Dragon Jade" very carefully. It is always possible that a twig can break off, this damage is not covered by the warranty.