Hedychium Gardnerianum XXL Rhizome

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Hedychium Gardnerianum XXL Rhizome

Height: Up to 200 cm.

Planting depth: 3 to 5 cm above the tuber, tubers are planted horizontally.

Flowers: Hedychium Gardnerianum falls under the Gingers category. This beautiful species has yellow flowers with red-orange stamens. The flowers are about 5 cm in size and grow in bunches.

Planting time March, April, May. Plant the Hedychium Gardnerianum in the spring when it is completely frost-free. You can plant them earlier in a flower pot and grow them in a frost-free area. After pre-pulling, the Hedychium can be replanted in the garden. Hedychium are also very suitable for growing in a pot. As a mature and rooted plant, Hedychium Gardnerianum can tolerate light frost down to approximately -3 degrees.

Flowering time June/July/August

Hedychium prefer a place in the sun. They prefer nutrient-dense soil that is well-drained. Sufficient moisture is necessary during the growth period. Hedychium Gardnerianum are fast growers and can also be used as a cut flower.

Hedychium gardnerianum, also known as the ginger lily, is a plant species in the Zingiberaceae family. It is native to the Himalayan region of India, Nepal and Bhutan.

The history of Hedychium dates back to the 19th century, when it was first discovered by Scottish botanist George Gardner during his expeditions in India. Gardner collected several plant species during his travels and brought them back to Europe, where they were introduced to botanical gardens and nurseries.

Hedychium quickly became popular for its striking yellow flowers and pleasant scent. It became a beloved plant in gardens around the world because of its exotic appearance and ease of care.

Over the years, Hedychium has also become naturalized in some areas. It remains a popular plant in gardens and is often used as a cut flower due to its long flowering period and attractive flowers. The history of Hedychium gardnerianum illustrates people's fascination with exotic plants and the impact these plants can have on new environments.

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