Victoria Cruziana,

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Victoria Cruziana / Giants water lily

Flower Color: Victoria Cruziana blooms with very large white flowers that turn pink the second day. Her flowers have a very intense color. Victoria Cruziana is a night-flowering species

Flower diameter: Her flowers reach a diameter of up to 20 cm

Water depth: 20 to 40 cm

Leaves:  Victoria Cruziana has very large heavily grained leaves. her leaves have a raised edge. Her leaves can reach a diameter of up to 2 meters.

Remarks:  Victoria is the largest water lily there is. Victoria Cruziana loves a place in full sun. It is best to place her in a large tub on the terrace at the beginning. As soon as the first leaves with a raised edge grow, you can transfer her to the pond. It is recommended to heat the water with the still young plant.

The Victoria Cruziana can be ordered from now on (limited number available). The plants are delivered at the end of May June 2019, depending on the tempratures.

Matthijs Hazeleger in an interview about the Victoria cruziana for Dutch television

The video below: The video below: Matthijs Hazeleger in an interview 2nd flowering day of the Victoria Cruziana for SBS6

 The film below: Matthijs Hazeleger moves the Victoria Cruziana from the growton to the pond.



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