Hoya Acuta Albomarginata

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Hoya Acuta Albomarginata

Height: Up to 120 cm. (climming plant)

Remarks: Hoya Acuta Albomarginata is a very nice Hoya. it has beautiful green leaves. This Hoya is sold as a rooted plant that has been recently imported. We advise absolutely not to repot the plant and to leave it in the pot for at least three months. Repotting immediately after arrival is deadly for the plant.

Plants have leaf damage due to import. the plant will recover quickly from this. This species requires special care and is only suitable for the experienced Hoya collector with a lot of experience. These plants are grown in a humidity of 70-80%. With drier air, the plant may lose leaves to adapt. The plant will recover from this.

our company does not work with chemical pesticides, we use biological pest control by means of beneficial insects that eliminate the harmful ones. Despite careful checking, an insect can travel in the packaging, these are completely harmless and contribute to a better and healthy environment. We only pack our plants in recycled paper. We limit the use of plastic to a minimum.

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